About Us



          Founded in 2020 in New York, from a small start up to becoming one of the fastest growing entertaining booking platforms in the world. Part of Utalan.com is to make it easier, faster and safer for everyone looking to book artists, model, influencers, musicians, and public figures.


It hasn’t been easy with the rise of scam bookings out there; many people are finding it difficult to find a safer platform to book and manage all their events and shows on one platform. Our network spans millions of buyers and sellers and becoming one of the world’s largest platforms for independent workBuilding this platform has required a willingness to challenge orthodoxies and reinvent the booking platforms out there, safely. We will always put our customers first and will continue to invest a lot of time and money to make sure everyone on our platform enjoys the comfort and assurance of their funds being protected. Taking this step means that we have even greater responsibilities to our shareholders, our customers, and ourselves.


We will optimize for the happiness and loyalty of our customers rather than marginal trip or transaction growth. We value your privacy and your personal information will not be shared with any third parties. We recognize that every time you visit our app or website, you’re trusting us to connect you with a trusted third-party seller or buyer. The trust is what propels us to continuously build new features for your safety, positive experience and more.  


All transactions are done on our platform and we handle everything to make sure the right payment and information is secured. Utalan is committed to the highest security payment standard. You can safely communicate and exchange files with anyone on our platform with our secure messaging system.

Yves Bagaza

CO Founder and CEO- I’ve been interested in entertainment ever since I was young- joining local dance groups, recording my first rap song at age of 16, and later becoming an event promoter. When I became an event promoter, I found out how difficult it is to book a performer, celebrities, hosts, etc. or even get in contact with them. There was always a ton of paperwork, middlemen, and even scammers. That’s when I realized that something was missing- this is how I came up with the idea to create Utalan. A universal platform that allows promotors to book celebrities, venues, models, influencers, dJ’s, photographers, etc. Safer and faster.

Manan Zakari

              Born and raised in Ghana, I co-founded Utalan with the goal of helping artists, influencers, models, celebrities, and booking agencies manage and have full control of their bookings. As the head of CFO AND COO it is my number one duty to make sure the day to day activities of our company are running and operating smoothly. I have 5 years of experience in managing and operating a business. My business background and personal interest helps advancing the awareness and support for individuals who are looking to take full control of their talent. 

Casey Millet 


            I am the director for the influencer department, I have two years of experience working with influencer agencies, helping them grow their following on their social medias and their day to day life. As the director of the influencer department my duty is to help you grow your influence and how to monetize it.